It all began at Vaudière in the Marne Valley, where Jean-Baptiste Nowack decided to settle from Bohemia in 1795. Six generations have followed, each in their own way tracing the freedom of expression that Champagne allows. Ferdinand, the third generation, rebuilt his vineyard with talent and perseverance after the ravages of phylloxera. He became a renowned winemaker and passed on his passion to his son Fernand. Just as talented as his father, Fernand won two consecutive Concours Général Agricole de Paris awards for his 100% meunier Coteaux Champenois vin nature de la Champagne. Today, the family adventure continues with the sixth generation, Flavien and Frédéric. Each signs his own cuvées, but both retain the same creative spirit that has made Champagnes Nowack so famous!

As of 2011, herbicides are no longer used, and the estate is converting to organic farming. For Flavien, the aim is to consider the vine as an ecosystem, so each year the estate plants around fifteen different trees and hedges. He also highlights the terroir of Vaudières by proposing a parcel-based range in addition to the company's other champagnes. Cuvées such as Fontinette, La Tuilerie and Les Bauchets offer unique sensations! Fontinette (100% Pinot meunier) won us over with its smooth texture, La Tuilerie (100% Chardonnay) with its fine nose and Les Bauchets (100% Pinot noir) with its elegance!

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