Welcome to the Winegrowers' Boutique, a dedicated space where you can buy wines live and keep up to date with estate news, as if you were there!

The winemaker provides the references that we have selected together in our warehouses, so that you can find them online on his dedicated space. Then it's up to you to find them in our shop!

We take care of the rest: order preparation and transport. A team effort!

This model allows the winegrower to devote most of his time to work in the vineyard and cellar. He delegates the marketing to Caves Carrière, which in turn takes over the promotion and distribution of his wines.

So let's find out?

DOMAINE JB LEBREUILAt the Lebreuil family, we appreciate fine wines with simplicity and roundness, as well as more complex wines such as the Corton-Charlemagne Grand Cru. A gourmet palette of sensations!

From rearing and growing cereals in 1950 to making great, balanced wines today! It's the story of 6 successive generations - and in a few words: ambition and passion.

Arnaud Baillot est un jeune viticulteur basé à Beaune, au cœur de la Côte de Beaune. Propriétaire et vinificateur, il travaille en lutte raisonnée depuis 2014 et complète son Domaine avec de judicieux achats de raisins.

A young estate with incredible potential that reflects the precious values of his grandfather, a winegrower in Rivesaltes: love of the land and the grape. It is through this philosophy that Christophe makes these wines!


the winegrower provides selected references:

Direct from the estates
Carefully selected references
Storage and transport management
A dedicated team to advise you