Jean-Marie Haag is a winemaker who is passionate about his terroir. Accompanied by his wife Myriam, they work together to make wines that are like them. They work their vines in...Read more

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Pinot Blanc 2017

White | Alsace HAAG JEAN-MARIE
Price 7,50 € 75 cl

Pinot Gris 2019

White | Alsace HAAG JEAN-MARIE
Price 9,17 € 75 cl

Jean-Marie Haag is a winemaker who is passionate about his terroir. Accompanied by his wife Myriam, they elaborate together wines which resemble them. They work their vineyards in integrated viticulture. Everyone who has crossed their path will say that they are so passionate about their work that you can feel it in their wines. They constantly observe their thirty or so plots in order to understand their needs. Grassing, ploughing and limiting yields to allow the vines to be at their best in terms of quality. Harvesting is done by hand, over a period of one month to reach perfect maturity, and a plot-by-plot selection is carried out in a very precise manner. The cellar is the place to be for Jean-Marie. His first wish is to produce concentrated and balanced wines.

Geographical location of the domain

The Domaine is located in Soultzmatt in Alsace, in the heart of the Noble Valley, about 20 km south of Colmar. Jean-Marie cultivates 7.5 hectares of vines on very well exposed soils, protecting them from storms and wind. The slope of the terroirs allows a good exposure to the sun. In autumn, the nights are cool and the winds are drying. A climate favorable to the culture of the vine, and it is a good thing!

The wines of the domain

Jean-Marie and Myriam cultivate several Alsatian grape varieties; Gewurztraminer is the majority, Riesling, Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc and Pinot Noir. Jean-Marie proposes wines with a varied aromatic palette and a beautiful freshness. Fresh, delicate and fat wines, with a remarkable ageing potential! The Pinot Gris offers a bouquet with fruity aromas and remarkable citrus notes. The Gewurztraminer is fresh, with notes of pear and lemon zest. It is a well structured wine with a nice salinity on the finish. The Pinot Blanc is dry and light with smoky aromas. Its honeyed aromas give it a delicate spirit.