Domaine Christophe Marin is a young estate, but we're convinced it has incredible potential! Christophe's grandfather was a winegrower in Rivesaltes. It was he who passed on his love of the land and the grape. After his studies and several internships, Christophe arrived in Burgundy. He stayed for 12 years, including 10 with Vincent Girardin, no less! It was then that he realized the importance of terroir, which offers the winemaker a wide range of different expressions from a single grape variety!

In 2018, something clicked: the desire to return to his native land, combined with the discovery of promising plots in the Agly Valley, convinced him to embark on the adventure with his family! Largely influenced by the Burgundian tradition, Christophe favors single-vineyard and single-plant vineyards wherever possible. And to accompany his terroirs, he couldn't imagine not being biodynamic. He assumes that he can't make great wines without quality grapes, and with great respect for his terroirs and the living world! With very little intervention, he accompanies the grapes during vinification, and while he doesn't rule out the use of sulfites, he keeps their use to a minimum.

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