Domaine Joblot is one of Burgundy's best-known names. Charles Joblot, the founding grandfather, is at the origin of the Givry appellation. Since 2012, Juliette Joblot, Charles' granddaughter, has been at the helm of the domaine. She practises integrated vineyard management, reducing intervention to a minimum. Each fruit is chosen for its perfect ripeness and irreproachable freshness. This rigor enables Domaine Joblot to produce Burgundy wines whose roundness and elegance are sure-fire Côte Châlonnaise values. Premier cru wines such as Givry rouge Servoisine, Givry rouge Clos du Cellier aux Moines and Givry rouge Les Bois Chevaux are perfect examples.

Geographical location of Domaine Joblot

Domaine Joblot covers 14 hectares. The majority is devoted to Pinot Noir for red wines. The estate's vines are planted at altitude, like the Bois Chevaux plot at over 280 meters. Facing east, southeast or south, they benefit from exceptional sunshine. These conditions enable Domaine Joblot to bottle premier cru wines from the Côte Châlonnaise, such as the red Givry Les Bois Chevaux, the red Givry Clos du Cellier aux Moines, the red Givry Clos Marole and the white Givry En Veau.

Domaine Joblot wines

Domaine Joblot produces exclusively Givry appellation wines. Five premier cru red wines, including Givry Les Bois Chevaux, are produced by Domaine Joblot. This beautiful appellation in Burgundy's Côte Châlonnaise region can be recognized by its garnet-red color. On the palate, the red Givry appellation reveals velvety tannins. The nose exalts bewitching notes of red fruits, spices and dried flowers. This excellent domaine also offers a village appellation, Givry Préface. Two white Givry appellations, made from Chardonnay and classified as Premier Cru, complete the prestigious list of Domaine Joblot wines.

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