Domaine Albert Grivault belongs to the mythology of Burgundy wines. At the age of 23, the young Albert Grivault acquired the Clos des Perrières from the Marquis de La Torche, without an heir. Today, this 1-hectare parcel is the most prestigious Meursault Premier Cru appellation. It testifies to the consistency and excellence of this vineyard.

Today, the estate is run by Albert Grivault's grandson, Michel Bardet. He is supported by his daughter Claire. The family estate covers 6 hectares. The parcels are mainly divided into 3 Meursault appellations. Domaine Albert Grivault also owns a parcel in the Pommard appellation.

Location of Domaine Albert Grivault

With Clos des Perrières, the family estate owns the largest climat in Meursault. It has a monopoly. The plot is surrounded by a 2-meter-high wall. The vines are therefore protected from cool winds. And the south/southeast exposure guarantees optimum sunshine. Last but not least, the fruit of the Chardonnay grape thrives on the unique quality of the soil: limestone, silt and sand.

The domaine also owns 3 other plots in Meursault. In particular, it operates vines in Clos du Murger: one parcel in Burgundy and the other in Meursault. Finally, the Clos Blanc parcel produces a Pommard Premier Cru of the highest quality.

Domaine Albert Grivault wines

Meursault owes part of its reputation to Albert Grivault. Thanks to Clos des Perrières, the village features in the pantheon of every Burgundy wine guide. And depending on the vintage, the wines of this prestigious domaine bring rewards and plebiscite. The wine's consistency delights the mouth and nose of Burgundy connoisseurs.

Domaine Albert Grivault produces 5 exceptional wines: Meursault Premier Cru Le Clos des Perrières en monopole, Meursault Premier Cru Perrières, Meursault Clos du Murger, Bourgogne Clos du Murger and Pommard Premier Cru Clos Blanc.

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