Jean-Christophe Bott and his wife Valérie have been running Domaine Boot-Geyl since 1996. This is the culmination of an apprenticeship in France and abroad (Germany, Australia, South Africa) with the best winemakers. The family estate has been producing Alsace wines since 1953. But Jean-Christophe Bott is now bringing a new vision to the work in the vineyards. Without breaking with family tradition, Jean-Christophe Bott aims to obtain the best fruit for each cuvée. A passionate worker, he was named best winemaker of the year in 1996 by the Gault et Millau wine guide. Out of conviction, he converted his estate to biodynamic viticulture in 2000, then to organic viticulture in 2002.

Geographical location of Domaine Bott Geyl

Domaine Bott Geyl currently owns 15 hectares of vines. It covers 7 villages from Ribeauvillé to Kientzheim. The estate thus flourishes in the heart of Alsace's "Perles du Vignoble". The terroir and grape variety of each cuvée are unique. Jean-Christophe Bott aims to reveal in each wine the expression of geologically different parcels (Galets Oligocène, Metiss, Les Élements). The estate produces 6 wines in the Alsace Grand Cru appellation and 5 lieux-dits, including the historic Clos des Trois Chemins. Located in Gewurztraminer. This parcel of vines is one of the best in Alsace.

Domaine Bott Geyl wines

Jean-Christophe Bott aims for a high level of selection for his fruit. Each grape variety is worked by hand to bring out its full expression in the wine. Domaine Bott Geyl grows Pinot Noir for red wine. And for white wines, depending on the cuvée, we use Riesling, Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc or Gewurztraminer. Alsace Grand Cru wines include Sonnenglanz, Mandelberg, Schoenenbourg, Furstentum, Schlossberg and Sporen. But Jean-Cristophe Bott has a special affection for his localities. Here, terroir finds its fullest expression. Domaine Bott Geyl takes us on a journey to a little corner of Alsace: Grafenreben, Burgreben, Schloesselreben, Kronenbourg and Clos des Trois Chemins.

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