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Wine lovers ❤ Champagne and spirits lovers, Caves Carrière selects for you the finest references from Burgundy, France and the world. With more than 4,500 references, and 600 Domaines who trust us, we make it a point of honor to take care of our bottles in our 1,250 square meters dedicated to wine storage and aging. You can also find us in our boutique, at 12 rue de Skopje!

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Who said that you need a special occasion to toast to Champagne? Caves Carrière references nearly 60 carefully selected Champagne estates, enough to delight bubble lovers.

Old Vintages

The 1250 square meters dedicated to the storage of our bottles, contain nuggets like very old vintages! We have at heart to respect the wine, so some of our bottles are carefully kept in ageing, sometimes even for many years, to offer them to you at the right time, the perfect time to taste them.

Grands Crus

If we want wine to be a nectar accessible to all, our cellars also have many Grands Crus. As a gift, for a special occasion, or simply for the pleasure of discovering an estate, a winegrower: our selection of Grands Crus from all over France will surprise you! ChâteauOur selection of Grands Crus from all over France will amaze you!

Organic Wines

We support winegrowers whose practices are evolving to support organic agriculture and who produce their wines biodynamically. We therefore offer a wide range of organic wines to our customers, already conquered by this method of viticulture, or curious to discover it.

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