The Revue des Vins de France calls him a "head seeker"... and it's true that Jerôme Bretaudeau has a curious, jack-of-all-trades side that promises many exciting discoveries!

So let's talk about this Domaine, located in the commune of Getigné, in the Muscadet region. Historically a winegrowing area, its winegrowers gradually disappeared in the 90s, until Jérôme Bretaudeau returned to his stronghold in the early 2000s and took over the estate from his father. With ingenuity, talent and hard work, he restructured the vines and obtained biodynamic certification in 2016. On his parcels, he grows the classic Melon de Bourgogne, but also - and more surprisingly - Savagnin and Chardonnay (for his cuvée la Justice), Pinot Noir and Merlot! The winery is a veritable experimental laboratory for the winemaker: alongside stainless steel vats and barrels, there are egg-shaped concrete wine vats and amphorae!

"And what about the wines? What about the wines? Vibrant, lively, well-balanced; a revisited, modernized score of Muscadet. Surprising at times, but never difficult to access, we thoroughly enjoyed Jerôme Bretaudeau's wines! Special mention for the Muscadet Sèvre et Maine, perfectly balanced!

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