Cheval des Andes is the result of a very special union between the famous Château Cheval Blanc in Saint-Émilion, and Terrazas de los Andes in Argentina. Its founder is Pierre...Lire la suite

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Cheval des Andes is the result of a very special union between the famous Château Cheval Blanc in Saint-Émilion, and Terrazas de los Andes in Argentina. Its founder is Pierre Lurton. The story is nothing if not ambitious and full of emotion. Pierre Lurton, then very attached to his Bordeaux roots, decided to travel to Mendoza in 1998 to discover the vineyards of Las Compuertas, one of the Terrazas de los Andes vineyards. Pierre is aware that the phylloxera epidemic of 1860 destroyed French vineyards, including the Malbec grape variety in Bordeaux, which now takes root in France on grafted vines. Malbec was introduced to Argentina in 1852. Pierre decided to rediscover Malbec in its purest expression in Argentina, reviving the Bordeaux wines of yesteryear. In 1999, Cheval des Andes was born. Representing a union with strong values, and a journey from Bordeaux to Mendoza with the same passion. Today, Château Cheval Blanc continues to perpetuate its values with Cheval des Andes and contributes all its know-how. A true cross-continental heritage. Terrazas de los Andes is the benchmark for high-altitude winemaking in Argentina. 50 hectares of high-altitude vines come to life in Cheval des Andes bottles.

Each year, special attention is paid to each plot. The berries are regularly tasted and closely monitored to determine the most precise date for harvesting. In Argentina, grapes are harvested during the first three weeks of April. The vinification of this nectar is carried out by teams from Cheval des Andes and Château Cheval Blanc. The aim is to bring the philosophy of Château Cheval Blanc and the know-how of both parties to give a unique spirit to the wine. The wine will be aged in new barrels for 16 to 18 months. This is the spirit of Cheval des Andes, a perfect harmony between French know-how and the perfect expression of Argentine terroirs.

Geographical location of the estate

Cheval des Andes is rooted in two unique high-altitude vineyards: Las Compuertas, Mendoza's oldest wine-growing region, and the more southerly La Consulta vineyard. The two vineyards have very different terroirs, topography and soil composition.

Las Compuertas is a vineyard at an altitude of 1070 meters. It benefits from a cool microclimate and low rainfall. Its soils are composed mainly of limestone, followed by sand and clay. These terroirs are ideal for growing Cabernet Sauvignon. The La Consulta vineyard is a little higher up, at an altitude of 1100 meters. The soils are composed more of sand and limestone, with a minority of clay.

Estate wines

Cheval des Andes has the particularity of producing wines with exceptional ageing potential, such as the wines of Château Cheval Blanc. Among the Domaine's vintages, the 2013 vintage was a much-appreciated harvest in terms of both quantity and quality. This is a wine with a beautiful aromatic balance of red fruits and spices. A wine with fresh aromas of violets and dark berries, expressing fine tannins and a taut finish. This blend of predominantly Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot gives the wine a certain complexity but confirms the perfect harmony of these grape varieties. The 2017 vintage is a blend of Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon. A wine with lovely tension and a velvety, harmonious texture on the palate, delivering round tannins. Cheval des Andes 2017 is a pure expression of Argentinian terroirs, but leaves us with hints of a great Bordeaux.